The Wheels Are in Motion

Classes are coming soon!

We're working hard to get ZYN22 ready to ride, but aren't offering classes yet. In the meantime, enter your email address to get info on studio openings (Fort Worth, you're first) and much more.


What is ZYN22?

ZYN22 is about so much more than changing your shape or even changing your outlook – it’s about changing your life. Our premium indoor cycling classes combine cardio and weight training for a full body workout that will not only tone your body, it will strengthen your mind. Oh, and did we mention the dancing, the music, and the inspiration? We don’t call it the Ride of Your Life for nothing.


Now you can tone it up after you tap it back with ZYN SCULPT, a high-energy, full-body workout off the bike that tones and tightens each major muscle group. We do everything to the beat of the bass-pumping music (sensing a theme here?) while applying targeted techniques to strengthen your core and create lean, long muscles. Best part? ZYN SCULPT is led by energetic instructors who are constantly switching up the program so you’ll never get the same class twice! If you’re searching for the perfect complement to the cardio-party you get in the Dome, look no further than ZYN SCULPT to complete your total-body fitness experience.

What is ZYN SURGE?

Dance like nobody’s watching in ZYN SURGE, a 60-minute SCULPT + cardio combo class! Feel the beat and rock out to the rhythm as you master intentionally targeted moves that will transform your body and free your mind. Pack your tennis shoes and get ready to sweat, because ZYN SURGE is nothing like the “barre” you’ve seen before.

Why 22?

Someone once said it takes 21 days to form a habit, but did they mention what happens on day 22? That extra day takes fitness from a mundane routine to so much more. And get this: 22 is a key number in the makeup of a perfect circle. A circle represents perfect balance. See where we’re going here? 22 isn’t just a number. It’s not just part of our name. It’s our promise to help you achieve that center we all so deeply desire.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Discover what happens on day 22.”