The ZYN RIDE is our signature 45-minute, full-body workout on a bike. Together, we work to tone every muscle and strengthen your mind while pedaling to the beat of the music. Oh, and did we mention the lights, the dancing, and the inspiration? We don’t call it Sweat Therapy for nothing. Saddle up, jam out and see what all the hype’s about!



THE22 is a 35-minute circuit of high intensity intervals (aka “HIIT”) that combines the 3 P’s of fitness – Perseverance, Power and Plyometrics. This revolutionary workout is uniquely designed to surprise the body for an optimal fat-burning, strength-gaining sweat session with an epic calorie crushing after-burn. Sounds tough, right? Well, we’ve got a secret for ya… you’re TOUGHER. Unleash your inner athlete and turn could’ve, should’ve, would’ve into CAN, DID and WILL.


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Discover what happens on day 22.