Female on Phone on Locker Room

Why Accountability Is A Total Game-Changer

No one likes sweating solo, it’s just a fact. The beauty of the Dome is that ride together because we’re stronger together, but sometimes just getting there is half the battle. Our very own social media coordinator, Sarah, chronicled her fitness journey over the past 9 months and if you guessed that having a workout buddy was the biggest game-changer in getting her off the couch and onto a bike, you’re not wrong. Here’s Sarah’s story. 

I’m just going to say it. I always hated working out. For a long time, I would make my rare appearance at the gym when I was trying to be #healthy, and end up bailing early. I mean, 30 minutes on the elliptical sounds great, but you know what’s better? 15.

I operated with this “good enough” mentality for the first 3 years of college. But then one day it hit me. I was 21 years old and in a mindset of mediocracy. I was not content, I knew I could do more, I was settling. All of the sudden I knew I needed to have a better commitment to my body while I had the time to form the right habits. I realized now was the time to better myself, now was the time to challenge myself, now was the time to #DoALittleMore.

Luckily around this time I started working with ZYN’s marketing team, so I started to learn about the right ways to exercise and I could ride, a lot. As I settled into my routine, I found friends that would hit the Dome with me. Slowly I started building a workout community, and as we grew closer we started pushing each other to stay committed to our work out goals. It really hit me that a community that is committed to one another can make such a big difference. I got to the point in which I was able to show up to a 6:30 am ride (coming from a girl that refused to take a single college class before 9:30.) I would have a friend call me in the morning to get me out of bed to ensure I showed up, she even had to bang on my bedroom window to wake me up once, so if that’s not accountability I don’t know what is.

Over the past 7 months I went from basically only wearing exercise clothes because they were comfy (s/o to athleisure), to working out 5+ times a week. All of the sudden I had more energy, was sleeping better, my skin was softer, and overall felt a new-found confidence in myself. Somehow, I transitioned from always putting off exercise, to planning my entire week around my workouts. Having an accountability partner not only pushed me to literally show up, but changed my entire outlook on my commitment to living a healthier life.