Bike Handle Bars

Beginners Guide to Your First Ride

Wondering whether spin class is worth all the hype? Looking for new ways to get that dreaded cardio in? Just want to try something new and fun? No matter why you’re at ZYN22, we’ve got you covered! Sitting in the dark on a stationary bike for 45-minutes sounds intimidating, we TOTALLY get it. But don’t freak, we’ve rounded up some tips on how to make the most out of your sweat sesh at ZYN22. Consider it like a beginner’s guide to your first ride.


Prepare for Class


Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes before class begins to get the run-down before all the fun happens. Check-in with our Z Squad, snatch a pair of cycling shoes (don’t worry, we gotchu), grab a locker, and hit The Dome where a Z Squad member will help with your bike. Oh! And don’t forget a water bottle, you’re going to need it!


Dress for Success


It’s super simple. Just wear you most comfortable workout-wear! Whatever you feel best in, rock it! We recommend slipping on your fave pair of leggings for saddling up in The Dome, but you do you. And don’t worry about the shoes — we’ve got you covered! Just bring your workout-wearing self and get ready to sweat it out!


Set up your Ride


Before you can saddle up in The Dome, check yo self. Whether this is your first or 100th ride, make sure your settings are correct! A Z Squad member will always be ready to help get you set up. But if you want to learn something new, let’s talk about seat height, handlebars, and seat distance!


Here are the rules: Your seat should be at your hip bone. Make sure when your legs extend at the bottom of your pedal stroke, you still have a slight bend in your knees. Your handlebar height is totes up to you. Higher handlebars are great for new riders! If you want a challenge, try lowering those bars and working that core. Abs all day everyday right? As for the distance between your seat and handlebars, it should be similar to the distance from your elbow and fingertips. You should comfortably be able to reach the handlebars, while still having room to tap it back and hit those corners.


Thrive in the Dome


Once you’re set up and ready to go, the next 45-minutes are all about YOU. While it can be a little intimidating at first, don’t sweat it (but actually tho you’ll sweat lots). At ZYN22 we ride to the beat of the music. If it’s ever too much, just ride like nobody’s watching… because they aren’t! Hey, you’re dancing on a bike in the dark, don’t take it too seriously! Saddle up, try your best, and you’ll be a pro in no time!