Zyn22 Zynstructor Spotlight – LA

Nov 2, 2019

If you don’t already know her from teaching Spin at our Dallas Uptown studio, meet LA! Not only is LA an instructor, but she is also part of the Z-Squad! From gymnast to spin instructor, check out our 2nd instructor blog to hear how LA has found love for Zyn22,…


Oct 26, 2019

Meet one of our Fort Worth regulars…LeeAnne Conti! Hear how the Zyn22 community and the ZynDome have strengthened and motivated LeeAnne. We hope her story motivates you as it did us.

Zyn22 Zynstructor Spotlight – Jennifer Kieta

Oct 8, 2019

If you don’t already know her from teaching Spin and HIIT in our Fort Worth studio, her story is amazing and embodies what we stand for at Zyn22. ❤️ For our first instructor spotlight, we are beyond blessed to have stood next to Jen in her fight against breast cancer….

ZYN22 Client Spotlight – Laura Horn

Sep 8, 2019

You may already know her or may have seen her ride podium at our Uptown studio, but we wanted to give everyone the chance to get to know a little bit about one of our ZYN22 regulars.

Make the Most of Today with Alex W.

Jul 6, 2019

Imagine this. You’re in a hospital bed, anxiously awaiting a major procedure. One that will change your day-to-day life forever. Your doctors have worked hard to find you a treatment that works, but have only been able to treat some of the symptoms you feel. Then, on the day before…

Fitness Woman Pregnant Training Dallas Dobecka

Should Pregnant Women Push Through Workouts?

May 15, 2019

There could be a lot of pushing before a pregnant woman enters the delivery room, if she trains correctly. Being pregnant and training regularly throughout pregnancy is like the girl at the gym who’s on the stair climber with ankle weights. She’s working twice as hard just to keep up!…

Just Go For It with Dallas Rider, Reagan.

May 7, 2019

Reagan crossing the finish line at the North Dallas Kid’s Triathlon 2015 “Succeed, adapt, and go for it.” Sounds like a piece of wisdom you’d get from someone much older and wiser than yourself, not from one of our youngest regular riders. That quote comes from Reagan, an 11-year-old who,…

Doing the Next, Right Thing with FTW Rider Will Stocker.

Apr 22, 2019

Let’s face it, we can be moving pretty quick as we head into class and get our head in the game. We set up our bikes, peek at the white boards to see what we got ourselves into, and hurry to fill our water bottles before the action begins.  …

Blueberry Muffins – Fuel Approved

Sep 11, 2018

There are few things better than the smell of Blueberry Muffins turning that perfect shade of golden brown we all know and love. When we got our hands on this recipe from our nutritionist, we nearly keeled over in excitement. There is so much good food can do in our…

Man Punching Punching Bag

HIIT: You Need It, Here’s Why.

Aug 6, 2018

H.I.I.T. You’ve probably heard this gym slang thrown around A LOT, especially with our new program, THE22. But what does it even mean? High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fancy term for reaching your maximum heart rate for a short amount of time. If you wanna hit max fitness…