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We're working hard to get ZYN22 ready to ride, but aren't offering classes yet. In the meantime, enter your email address to get info on studio openings (Fort Worth, you're first) and much more.


ICYMI, Here's What You Need To Know About The BYOBFF Challenge


Together we are STRONGER. We believe Sweat Therapy's better with a buddy by your side, so we're celebrating the beauty of besties this month at ZYN22 and challenging YOU to #BYOBFF too! Ready to be Bike Friends Forever? Here's how to bring your friends and GET FREE ZYN. 


1) Bring 5 friends to w this month, get a FREE RIDE in your account. Just make sure you sign up at the front desk to get credit for bringing your BFF. YUP, it's that simple! (THE FINE PRINT: To get credit for your friend, they must be NEW to ZYN22 or someone who has not ridden in 6 months.)


2) Let's get social. Take a photo with your bestie at the studio and tag #BYOBFF & #ZYN22 for a chance to see your face on our page!


3) Wanna up the ante? Bring the most friends at your studio this month and you'll get 11 FREE RIDES or a 1-MONTH UNLIMITED package sittin' pretty in your account! 


4) Bring the most friends out of anyone and any studio and you'll take home the motherload aka 22 RIDES or a 2-MONTH UNLIMITED package!


Got a ride-or-die who pushes you to be stronger in and out of the Dome? Send us your story to!

Posted May 15, 2017

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