Father Daughter Duo Working Out

This Father/Daughter Duo Has Crushed 150 Classes Together!

The fam that slays together stays together! Father daughter duo Tiffany and Wes have tapped it back over 100 times together in the Dome, and now they’re taking it to The Turf with THE22 in Fort Worth! It’s safe to say ZYN22 has helped take their relationship to a whole…

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Kristen M Graphic

Here’s To Confidence

When Kirsten first took ZYN22 for a spin, she had no idea what awaited her. Now, nearly one year into her journey and with over 100 rides down, she’s found that ZYN22 is so much #MoreThanASweat – it’s community, it’s confidence, it’s courage in the face of trials. Here’s her story.  My life has always had…

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Female on Phone on Locker Room

Why Accountability Is A Total Game-Changer

No one likes sweating solo, it’s just a fact. The beauty of the Dome is that ride together because we’re stronger together, but sometimes just getting there is half the battle. Our very own social media coordinator, Sarah, chronicled her fitness journey over the past 9 months and if you guessed that having a workout buddy was the…

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a black and white photo of a woman on a stationary bike

How One Rider Sweat Her Way Back To Strong

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that kind of rocked her world, Sandy didn’t stay down for long. In fact, she decided that in order to NOT let the disease define her, she would saddle up at ZYN22 and ride her way back to STRONG. Read Sandy’s story below for some major ZYNspiration!…

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Group of Girls in front of BFF balloons

How Taylor Found Her TRYBE In The Dome

What started out as simply Sweat Therapy has turned into so much more for Taylor, a Fort Worth rider who found her ride-or-die TRYBE in the Dome. Read how the ZYN22 community has shaped her experience – both in and out of the studio – since she moved back to Texas and saddled up for the first…

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Spin Instructor Standing In front of backdrop

How Jennifer Went From Lone Ranger to LOVING Her TRYBE Time In The Dome

Before saddling up at ZYN22, Jennifer loved the thrill of a long, solitary run or a BeachBody burn from the comfort of her living room. But since her first ride, Jen has realized that everything worth having lies just outside our comfort zone! Here’s how Jennifer went from a lone fitness ranger…

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Group Shot of Smiling People

How Jennet Broke Out Of Her Shell & Joined The Front Row Ride TRYBE

FTW rider Jennet went from laying low on the back row to rocking row one like a boss! Now she’s tapped it back over 500 TIMES (seriously!) and gained community and confidence with every pedal stroke along the way. Here’s her TRYBE story.  I have always been into bicycles as a form…

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