Instructor - Amber

Meet Amber: A Mantra Story

Meet Amber. She believes that “Where the mind goes, the man follows,” and that discipline helps us push past pain and discomfort so we can reach our higher purpose. Here’s her story.

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Instructor - Cristin

Meet Cristin: A Mantra Story

Meet Cristin. She will push you to your limits while shouting “Don’t stop. Get it, get it,” and you’ll LOVE every sweaty second of it. Here’s her story.

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Instructor - Ashton

Meet Ashton: A Mantra Story

Meet Ashton. She ends every sweat sesh with a simple message to her riders, “Stay humble, work hard, be kind.” Here’s why.

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Instructor - Grace

Meet Grace: A Mantra Story

Meet Grace. Her mantra? “”Be strong & love yourself!”” Here’s how she channels that confidence on the barre every day.

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Instructor - Erin

Meet Erin: A Mantra Story

Meet Erin. She believes that “If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it won’t CHANGE you.” Here’s how she embraces life’s challenges on and off the bike.

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Instructor - Kathryn

Meet Kathryn: A Mantra Story

Meet Kathryn. Every day she challenges her riders to “”Haul Some Ass.”” Here’s how she gives it all she’s got in the Dome.

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