Female Instructor In Front of Backdrop

How Community Keeps Mackenzie Moving Forward

It’s been a whirlwind year for Mackenzie, who made the leap from front-row rider to rocking the podium as an instructor! Here’s how her TRYBE was with her every pedal-stroke of the way! 

Before I started riding at ZYN22, I was just kind of going through the motions. I went to school, went to work, went home… Lather, rinse, repeat. I was comfortable. I had been a cheerleader my whole life, so I never really had to work at the whole fitness thing… Until the Freshman 15 hit. It’s a really real thing, y’all. I tried different workouts but nothing ever stuck.

My first ride was a lot like most peoples’ – sweaty, overwhelming, and a serious reality check to how out of shape I actually was. But I came back again. And again. And before I knew it, I was going 5, 6, 7, sometimes 8 times a week. I was hooked. I couldn’t stop. People thought I was crazy (spoiler alert: I am). I started bringing my friends and one by one they became hooked. Now we’ve all drank the Kool Aid.

Community is everything to me. I’m extroverted by nature, so I thrive off being around people and feeding off their energy. I need that human interaction to feel alive, and that’s exactly what ZYN is. It isn’t just a person yelling at you in a microphone, it’s a relationship between an instructor and their riders, between riders in the same class, between riders in different classes, between riders that are your best friends and riders you’ve never met. You’re all in the same room with the same goal: to better yourselves in some way – mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. ZYN is a total mind, body, and spiritual experience that takes strength and vulnerability, and it’s SO cool to get to do it in a room full of people who are all relentlessly chasing after the same thing.

My life has been everything BUT normal since I started riding at ZYN. In the past year I’ve fallen in love, lived in a foreign country, lost my best puppy friend, lost a grandparent, graduated from college, got my first real job, had my heart broken, and the list goes on. I’ve gone through so much change and growth in the past year – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and I would not have grown or changed without my ZYN community pushing me, hugging me, laughing with me, crying with me, and being there for me every step of the way.

A couple months ago I made the leap from rider to instructor. Training was the hardest thing I have ever been through, and without my community inside and outside of the Dome I can confidently say that I would not have made it. Heck, I probably wouldn’t have even made it past the first day.

Those of you that know me know I’m a crier. It’s not a secret, it’s actually a very well-known fact. The first day of training was one of the hardest days of my life. All of my tanks were on empty, and I wasn’t sure I could physically make my feet go around the pedals. My fellow trainees rallied around me that day and stood by my side for the next two months as I faced some of the hardest days I’ve had to face. (Side note: If you’ve never cried in the dome, I highly recommend it. It’s loud, it’s dark, no one can see you, no one can hear you, and you just get to let it out. Try it sometime.)

I really wish I could put into words what this place means to me and what the community means to me. I’ve found myself in the Dome, and now I get to help others do the same. Without my people I would have never started riding and kept riding. Without the instructors, many of who are now my friends, I would have never auditioned to be an instructor myself. Without my fellow trainees I would have never made it through training. And now without my riders, I wouldn’t be up on the podium doing what I love. My TRYBE would not be complete without any of YOU. There is so much freedom to be found in the Dome, and if you let it this “thing” – this silly workout on a bicycle – work its magic, it will truly change your life.

Ready to experience that #LifeChange? Tap it back with Mackenzie in the Dome this week!