It all starts here!

The first class is always the hardest. New people, new movements, and no idea what expect. We're putting it all on the table so you can focus on what really matters in class.

Getting into your first class is easy that your first class is free! Plan to show up 15 minutes early to our Uptown or Fort Worth studio and our Z SQUAD will help you set up. Post class, feel free to buy a class pack and book your next class that works best with your schedule.


Just a few easy steps to snag your First Class FREE!

Select a class on the schedule below, create your account, select the 1 Class Pack option, and your class will be comped at checkout. 

*If you no show this booking, you will lose your FCF & not be able to redeem again*


Be Ready

Check in at the front desk 15 minutes before class and the Z SQUAD will show you around the studio, set you up with a locker, and grab a pair of shoes to clip into the bikes, if needed. (Our bikes are SPD-SL clip compatible.)

Get Set

If you’re hopping on a bike, we’ll show you how to set it up just right for you. If you’re taking THE22, we’ll show you to the TURF and give you a rundown of what to expect, but your instructor will give you the details.

Let's GO!

Your instructor will lead your class, but it’s your time to shine. Listen to your body, find your rhythm, get lost in your challenge. Then, enjoy the feeling of sweet victory.