Frequently Asked Questions

New to ZYN22

I signed up for email alerts – now what?

Come sweat with us! All you have to do is create an account, book a spot & we’ll see you at the studio!

Do I need to buy bike shoes?

Bike shoes are key for a safe and effective ride at ZYN22. We have rental shoes available for FREE, but if you want to buy your own we’ve got you covered, too. Just ask our front desk staff for more information on what clips to purchase.

How should I prepare for a class?

It’s super simple. Wear your most comfortable workout gear, pack your sense of adventure and bring an open mind! New to ZYN22? You’ll want to show up at least 15 minutes early to get the run-down before your class!

What do I wear?

Rock your most comfortable workout-wear! Feeling good in your gear makes for a better ride, after all. But don’t stress about the shoes – we’ll provide those. If you’re saddling up for a ZYN RIDE in the Dome, we recommend slipping into your fave pair of leggings. If you’re hitting the floor for a ZYN SCULPT  class, you’ll need to wear some non-slip socks, which you can snag at the studio! Dancing it out in ZYN SURGE? Make sure you wear closed-toe tennis shoes and get ready to sweat!

Are there limitations on who can ride?

You’ve heard it before, but it’s always best to consult your physician before starting any workout regimen. With that said, ZYN22 is a low-impact workout, great for any fitness level. If you’re under 15 years old, be sure to bring your parent or guardian with you.

Will I be able to keep up with the pace in class?

Absolutely. Our ZYN22, ZYN SCULPT, ZYN SURGE + THE22 classes are designed to encourage beginners and challenge experts. You control the resistance so you can customize the workout to meet your fitness level.

What makes you different from other fitness studios?

ZYN22 is fitness – but not fad. In 45-minutes you’ll get a full body workout, dance to the best beats and be inspired by expert instructors.


ZYN SCULPT is a full-body, high intensity class that uses small, isolated movements to tone each muscle group. We do everything to the beat of the music (sensing a theme here?), using targeted techniques to create lean, long muscles— who doesn’t like the sound of that?!

Where can I take a ZYN SCULPT class?

Currently, our ZYN SCULPT workout is only offered at our Uptown location. Even if you call a different ZYN22 Dome your home, we recommend making the trip Uptown for one of our killer sculpting classes! Your abs & glutes will thank you, we promise.

What is ZYN SURGE?

ZYN SURGE takes your SCULPT experience to the next level. Dance like nobody’s watching in this 60-minute SCULPT + CARDIO combo class. Wanna skip the SCULPT but still snag the burn? Join us on Fridays at 5:00 PM for SURGE45– you guessed it, a 45-minute dance party!

What is THE22?

THE22 delivers a unique daily workout off the bike. In less than 45-minutes you’ll execute a series of intervals targeting different muscle groups in order to maximize strength gains and calories burned.

Where can I take THE22 class?

Currently, THE22 is only offered at our Fort Worth studio. If you’re in the DFW area, we recommend taking a trip to Cowtown to experience THE22 for yourself! We think the 36-hour calorie after-burn speaks for itself.

What is ZYNSanctuary?

ZYNSanctuary is our favorite way to spend a Sunday. Enter into a space of praise and worship as we ride to reboot mind + body + spirit in this FREE 45-minute class.

What is ZYNdurance?

ZYNdurance takes your ride in the Dome to the NEXT LEVEL. It’s a 60-minute calorie torching, full-body workout with a few more turns on the wheel. You ZYN?


When will you be open?

We’re open, NOW! Our Fort Worth, Dallas Park Lane, Southlake & Dallas Uptown locations are rockin’ & rollin’ (literally) & just waiting on you to jump in the saddle!

Is there a beginner class?

From newbies to experts, we’re all ZYN this together. If you’re a rookie, you’ll want to show up 15 minutes before the first class to get the basics. And remember, our expert instructors are there to guide you the whole time.

What are your hours?

Get off work late? No problem. Need a lunch workout? Right there with you. Early riser? It takes all kinds. We offer up to eight classes a day during the week (starting at 5:30 AM) and five a day on the weekends so you can snag some Sweat Therapy on any schedule!

How many calories will I burn?

Riders burn approximately 600-900 calories during 45 minutes. But here’s the best part: you’ll keep burning calories even after you’ve left the studio. You’re welcome.

Do you offer childcare?

We don’t. Consider the 45 minutes in the Dome YOUR time to recharge as a parent. You’ll leave with more energy to handle anything from the terrible twos to high school blues.

Where do I park?

There is free (yes!) parking in Fort Worth in the garage off of Barden Street, right around the corner from the ZYN22 Studio! In Dallas, The Shops at Park Lane offers plenty of free parking in the garage and on the street, and in Southlake and Uptown you’ll snag plenty of spots in the studio’s parking lot.

I referred my friend but it doesn't show up in my account?

Thank you so much for spreading the word about ZYN22. Your friends will owe you! However, referral rewards don’t show up in your account until your friend is completely ZYN and has purchased a seven series class package. When (not if!) that happens, you’ll notice a free class sitting pretty in your account.


Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes! – We offer an Unlimited Monthly membership. We also offer class packages that provide a discounted rate. The more you buy, the bigger the price break.

Do I need to create an account?

It’s a smart move. An account lets you reserve bikes easily, receive access to VIP rides and discounts and so much more!