Our nutrition program designed to complete your workout regimen. Accomplish your fitness goals by learning how to fill your body with energy, nutrients, and general happiness. Meet the brains behind the operation: Dabney Poorter


Dabney Poorter's Headshot

Dabney Poorter’s experience in the fields of nursing, nutrition and fitness coaching span 13 years. She believes in a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness.

Dabney especially enjoys helping individuals to understand how food impacts them physically, mentally and emotionally. She believes that food has the power to heal, and that understanding food quality, food choices and one’s relationship with food, can lead to greater awareness, improved health and a more abundant life.

Contact nutrition@zyn22.com for additional info.


ZYN22 Fort Worth is offering two different ways to FUEL, Full and Lite. The Full program is a 3 month plan that is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking to make a major change in their relationship with food. With three classes that teach the very important fundamentals of food and your body, 1-on-1 consultations with Dabney Poorter, and a tour of Central Market this program is packed with ways to really set you up for success.

Already killing the game when it comes to fueling your day? Check out the Lite program! This is for people who want to keep up their progress and give themselves the extra accountability. You still got meal plans and your food logs will be reviewed monthly, but most importantly you will also have access to a monthly body scan so you know exactly how your body and life are changing.

LITE — $99/mo.

  • Monthly Food Log
  • Monthly Meal Plan
  • Email Q&A
  • Monthly Body Composition Scan and Analysis
  • Discount on 1-on-1 Consultation

FULL — $149/mo.

  • 3 Wellness Classes
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • One Private Consultation
  • Monthly Food Log
  • Monthly Meal Plan
  • Email Q&A
  • Monthly Body Composition Scan and Analysis

Get Cookin’ Good Lookin’