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HIIT: You Need It, Here’s Why.

H.I.I.T. You’ve probably heard this gym slang thrown around A LOT, especially with our new program, THE22. But what does it even mean? High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fancy term for reaching your maximum heart rate for a short amount of time. If you wanna hit max fitness goalz, HIIT is the way to go. Here’s why!

Burn Baby Burn

You can never have too much of a good thing (at least we think that’s how that goes). And one thing on our list is a good calorie crushing workout. Not only do you burn calories during a HIIT session, but afterwards too! Because HIIT pushes your heart rate to the limit, your body goes into EPOC (excess post-workout oxygen consumption). This is literally the amount of oxygen needed to restore your body to its resting state. With HIIT, you burn through your oxygen levels (no pain no gain), and your body has to work harder to build it back up. Confused? Don’t worry, this fancy term simply means “after burn.” So after you sweat it out in THE22, you’ll continue to burn A LOT of calories. Burning cals while binge watching Netflix? YES PLEASE.

Gainz Gainz Gainz

It’s no surprise HIIT is tough (I mean sweating it out on the turf is no easy task). And with hard work comes great results. In addition to helping with fat loss, HIIT can also help you get those gains. With our HIIT sessions at THE22, you can increase your hard-earned muscles with a fat-burning, strength-gaining sweat sesh. Let the #gainz begin.

HIIT It and Quit It

Okay so it seems obvious now, the goal with HIIT is a high heart rate. Keeping your heart rate elevated gives you the superpower of being a calorie crushing, muscle gaining machine. AND it gives you all this in a shorter period of time. With THE22, you get in, you HIIT it hard (see what we did there), and you’re out in a short 35 minutes. This leaves plenty of time for all your brunch and lunch dates afterwards. We call that a win-win.