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How To Stay On Track This Summer

Summer is FINALLY here! And with it come the freedom to dive head-first into vacay mode. Whether you’re sailing your way to exotic destinations or kicking it back with a stay-cation, summer offers the ultimate respite from the daily grind of normal routines. But if you’re like us, you’re not trynna completely lose all the progress you’ve made. #GoalDigger amiright? No matter where ZYN the world you’re heading, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you crush your goals all summer long!


It ALL Starts With Planning

You’ve heard it all before: failing to plan is planning to fail. And even though we love a healthy dose of spontaneity from time to time, planning a few snack options before you hit the road can be worth it in the long run. Packing healthy snacks will ensure you always have a guilt-free option on hand during that busy vacay life. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and protein bars are a few nutritious snacks you can smuggle on an airplane, or load into your car for that summer road trip. Bonus: packing some of your own snacks will not only save you a few pounds, but also your wallet. Now that’s what we call a win-win.


Sip Responsibly 

HYDRATE OR DIE-DRATE! Ok that may be a little dramatic… but it’s definitely true. Make good ol’ H2O your new BFF this summer season. All that fun in the sun can dehydrate your body, leaving you tired, dizzy, and sometimes dazed & confused. Water not only helps prevent dehydration, it flushes out toxins, and even gives your skin a healthy glow (yes plz). So start guzzling! Speaking of drinking… we know, we know, it’s vacation! And no matter where you are, we could all celebrate with a drink. Did you know it takes a 45 minute cardio-session (A.K.A. the equivalent of 1 ride in the Dome) to burn off the calories in a margarita? You ZYN, so go ahead and enjoy that marg by the beach. But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, right? Try to be cautious of your alcohol intake while traveling. Who wants a killer hangover while they’re trying to relax anyways?


Get Moving

We know from your rides in the Dome you’ve got some moves. Use them off the bike on your summer getaway! We’re all about relaxing, but by exercising on vacation (in moderation of course), you can boost your energy and endorphins to help make your trip even more enjoyable! PSA: you don’t need a bike or even a gym to get in a good workout! You’re FINALLY on summer break! So take a walk and explore your new destination! Get those steps in and break a sweat without having to leave that vacay state of mind. Hey, you might even catch a few extra rays! Rainy day? With simple body weight exercises like planks, pushups, and jumping jacks, you’ll be sweating in no time from the comfort of your hotel room. Check in and get to work!


Balance is Key

And we’re not just talking about on the bike. Balancing your vacay sweets with healthier meals will help regulate the cravings, nausea, and bloating we all get a little nervous about becoming extra baggage on our summer getaway. This will also help regulate your energy levels, making sure your sugar high doesn’t completely crash your summer party. Tip: think 80/20. Try to eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins 80% of the time, leaving 20% for all the fun foods you’ve been dying to try. Treat yo’self! Maybe this means choosing a salad rather than a burger for a meal. But don’t worry, go ahead and drink that milkshake for dessert. You’ve totally earned it!