Men using Battle Ropes

Introducing: THE22

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the construction. And now it’s finally here; Dallas, welcome to THE22. We tested the toughest methods in the industry and scoured the top markets in the nation like NY and LA, and then we brought it back to our turf and gave it our own little twist. Yep, THE22 is our home-grown, grass fed beast of a HIIT workout made for tough-as-nails Texans like YOU. Now you can sweat, build, train, and perform like the athlete you KNOW you are.

THE22 is a 35-minute circuit of high intensity intervals (that means “HIIT” in gym slang) that combines the 3 P’s of fitness– PerseverancePower and PlyometricsTHE22 delivers a unique daily workout off the bike. In less than 45-minutes you’ll execute a series of intervals targeting different muscle groups to maximize strength gains and calories burned.

This revolutionary workout is uniquely designed to surprise the body for an optimum fat-burning, strength-gaining sweat session with an epic 36-hour calorie crushing after-burn that pretty much speaks for itself. Sounds tough, right? Well, we’ve got a secret for ya… you’re TOUGHER. Unleash your inner athlete and turn could’ve, should’ve, would’ve into CAN, DID and WILL.