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Introducing: ZYN SCULPT! Here’s What You Need To Know…

Heard the buzz? We’re busting out a NEW + IMPROVED workout at ZYN22UPTN so you can be free to move and find your groove OFF the bike. YUP. Now you can tone it up after you tap it back with ZYN SCULPT, a high-energy, full-body workout that tones and tightens each major muscle group while you dance your heart out to the beat of bass-pumping music… sensing a theme here? We sat down with the GENIUS program director, Cristin, to get the skinny on why ZYN SCULPT is the perfect compliment to the cardio party you get in the Dome. Here’s what she had to say. 

Sometimes “barre” gets a bad rap, but what makes a ZYN SCULPT class different from “barre”?

C: ZYN SCULPT is super high energy, we move to the beat of the music and the movements are bigger and include full-body range of motion unlike most barre programs. Also, the ZYN SCULPT workout format and playlist changes every single class, rather than keeping the same pattern of exercises for a period of time. This not only keeps the students on their toes. but also keeps their bodies changing!

What’s your fitness background? Why did you want to start a SCULPT class?

C: My background is mainly in dance (editor’s note: yes, she totally choreographed for Britney) and then I moved into the fitness industry teaching cycle and barre classes. I wanted to start the ZYN SCULPT program because I wanted to change up the game a little bit! Yes, I want a killer workout, but I also want amazing and original playlists, I want you to feel the music and I want people to have fun while pushing through the challenges. Plus, these moves really tone you up FAST, so who wouldn’t want that?!

You teach cycling classes, too! How does this class differ from the ride in the Dome? How can cross-training help people reach their fitness goals?

C: While they are both full-body workouts, ZYN SCULPT works more on your smaller muscle groups to create more muscle-tone in the body. I find that people who start with cycling and after a while take the leap and jump into ZYN SCULPT consistently will see big changes in their bodies! Also, I know from personal experience that SCULPT, by strengthening the core and full body, makes you way stronger and increases endurance in the Dome!

How do you want your students to feel when they finish your class?

C: Honestly, I want them to feel like they were really challenged. I want them to leave really sweaty, but the most important thing is that they walk out proud, happy and feel like they were in a comfortable space with zero judgement. This class is for EVERYBODY.

What benefits does ZYN SCULPT class offer that other workouts don’t?

C: The biggest thing is the changes in format and playlist. Never the same exact workout twice!

What should a newbie expect from their first ZYN SCULPT class? How should they prepare and what will they experience?

C: You can do the class barefoot or with grip sock, but bring water! Everything else is provided. A newbie should expect to be challenged and know to be patient with themselves. We offer modifications throughout class that you can use and you can take breaks as needed. I always tell clients to be easy on themselves the first few classes. The class doesn’t get easier, but with clarity on form and consistency you will get stronger. So just come in, work as hard as you can and enjoy yourself!

So, what’s this about a FREE WEEK of classes? 

C: Yep, we’re giving you a FREE PREVIEW of the ZYN SCULPT program at UPTN from October 16-21. Whether you want to catch a full 45-minute class or squeeze in a 30-minute sneak peek post-ride, we got you covered. Peep the schedule here and stop by to see what’s it’s all about!