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How Jennet Broke Out Of Her Shell & Joined The Front Row Ride TRYBE

FTW rider Jennet went from laying low on the back row to rocking row one like a boss! Now she’s tapped it back over 500 TIMES (seriously!) and gained community and confidence with every pedal stroke along the way. Here’s her TRYBE story. 

I have always been into bicycles as a form of getting around, and you may catch me saying I was “born on a bike”. In the beginning, cycling was a way for me to get in a workout that I enjoyed and loved. Sometime in between running the trails and seeking to join a spin studio, a friend suggested I check out ZYN22. So, after looking over the website and reviewing the ZYNstructors’ bios… I choose Jennifer for my first ride. I knew that she could offer me the inspiration I needed to get back into spinning again. So, on May 9, 2016, I decided to make that leap in. The very next day, I was locked in, signing myself up as a NEWLY OBSESSED ZYNERS ONLY unlimited class package.

It wasn’t long after, I realized the importance of Sweat Therapy, and how it can make you feel… #Addicted in the best way possible. As I grow in my journey at ZYN22, I do find myself positively changing. I tend be a wallflower of sorts, but since I started riding at ZYN I’ve broken out of my shell, and that’s where I see myself becoming stronger and much more confident in my everyday life.

To me, community is the commonality we have with others. Community is everywhere- it is having an attitude, it is having goals and interests that unite us so that we can build meaningful relationships that in turn positivity impact each other to grow and build.

The ZYNstructors have always made me feel a sense of community in the Dome.  Taking part of Stephanie’s ZYNathon last year was the first event outside of the Dome that I felt that sense of community making an impact, not just with each other but within our city.

Humbly, I hope to make a difference to show that you too can ride front row. It certainly was a goal of mine to feel comfortable being in the front row, and with confidence I can say that I have! My day is not over without a ride at ZYN22. From the Z SQUAD to the ZYNstructors, the Dome is filled with so much inspiration and dedication. I love it when we high five our neighbors– it helps you appreciate the fact that we have all to come together as individuals to ride as a community.

Ps. Want to know one of my secret weapons? Beet Juice or a B12 supplement an hour or so before class, endurance booster. Keep it magical.

Ready to Find Your TRYBE? Saddle up this week!