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How Jennifer Went From Lone Ranger to LOVING Her TRYBE Time In The Dome

Before saddling up at ZYN22, Jennifer loved the thrill of a long, solitary run or a BeachBody burn from the comfort of her living room. But since her first ride, Jen has realized that everything worth having lies just outside our comfort zone! Here’s how Jennifer went from a lone fitness ranger to rocking the podium and encouraging community in every area of her life, in and outside the Dome!

A Loner. This is the most accurate adjective I would use to describe my workout preferences several years ago… pre-ZYN22. I enjoyed the early morning runs, headphones on, and losing myself at the pace of my choice. I also enjoyed the latest challenge of a BeachBody workout with my fave trainer, Shawn T, in the small space of my living room… just me, myself, and I (and maybe, on a few occasions, I imagined Shawn T was truly focused on ME!). Those things were all fine and good, but then I showed up one day for this new spin class that came to town via the vision of my friend Mark Page, ZYN22’s founder and owner, who asked me if I’d be willing to check it out and consider training to become a ZYNstructor. For those of you who haven’t heard my ZYN22 testimony, let me just tell you… at that point I was NOT a fan of spin class! Based on my past experiences, I thought they were boring, uninspiring, and frankly…a waste of my time and energy.  My husband and I were at a place where a little more income would definitely help us out, so I decided to suck up my pride and give it a try… completely expecting to hate it and move on down the road of my “loner” fitness life.

I will NEVER EVER forget my first ride! It was terrible and wonderful all at once!  I had never clipped in, so that was the first challenge.  The rest of the challenge came from trying to keep the beat with the instructor, turning up resistance, holding my body out of the saddle for WAY longer than I wanted to, and simply being able to get enough air in my lungs to keep going!

So, now you’re probably wondering, “What was wonderful?”  Good question!  So, here it is:  the thing that kept me going was NOT self-motivation as it had been in all my other workouts. It was the COMMUNITY of the people in that room struggling together!  I wanted to quit during that first ride soooo many times, but the inspiration and perspiration of the 30+ people around me, the motivation and heart of the instructor guiding us, coupled with the darkness, candles, and music in the room, did something incredible inside of me. I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of this experience beyond being a rider. I quickly realized, after the ride was over, that God was going to use me to build community inside a small space within a big city, filled with people who had big hearts… all moving towards the goal of a stronger healthier version of ourselves.  During those next several months of riding and training, riding and training, I finally began to understand the impact of having community to hold encourage and hold you accountable, and knew I wanted to create that in my own classes.

For me, it has to be intentional and purposeful every time I step onto that podium.  I recognize that this ride is NOT about me…it is about WE!  Moving together, sweating together, struggling together, and finishing the strongest we can together is one of the most incredibly unifying experiences EVER!  We feed off of each other’s energy, so the “whoops” and hollers of the room drive the community experience even deeper!!

I often refer to my riders in class as my TRYBE.  I want every single person that makes a choice to show up that day to recognize that they are a part of something important and life-changing from the inside out.  No matter where we are starting from that day (and we all have good days and bad days)…I want my TRYBE to know they are enough. I never want one person to leave that dome feeling defeated or like they’re never going to “get it”.  It’s just simply a wasted thought, in my opinion.  I know, because I started from the bottom, too, and people stepped into my life that believed more in me than I did in myself at times.  Once that Dome door is closed, the lights come down, and the music comes up…we all start somewhere.  I encourage all my riders to leave the world outside the door, this is their time…embrace it and allow yourself to be present!

I have had the privilege of getting to share my love for community and bringing people together through other areas of health and fitness, as well:  becoming the health and fitness blogger for tanglewoodmoms.com and being honored as a Lululemon Ambassador in Fort Worth.  I am amazed at how God has continued to use this 40-something year old mom of two beautiful girls to go from domestic bliss and combine it with fitness bliss. A fabulous combination, indeed, and it is definitely a balance, but the community we’ve build is something I will always treasure and strive to be my best at.  YOU, my ZYN TRYBE, help make that possible, and I am forever grateful!!

November 10th of this year will mark 3 years since I decided to join this amazing TRYBE and start my training to become an instructor.  I’ve never regretted it!  I LOVE that I have the pleasure and privilege of getting to speak into a person’s life every day about their significance and worth in this life!  I love that I get to come alongside the struggles and the victories of our riders!  I love celebrating milestones with my ZYN TRYBE…from their first ride or 22nd ride to their ZYNtennial! It is ALL worth celebrating!  Most of all, I love the relationships we have built with one another…the whole team!  The Z SQUAD, fellow instructors, and our riders are all an integral part in what makes ZYN22 such an amazing experience and growing community.

I still like my occasional “loner” run outside just to shake things up, but I am always ready to come back and re-engage with my ZYN family.

Ready to ride with your TRYBE? Saddle up and be ZYNspired by Jennifer this week!