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How Kathryn Found Her Good Vibe TRYBE In The Dome

When life took Kathryn for a spin, she rode through it with strength and power on the podium. Here’s how she pushed forward with the support of her TRYBE. Read her story below to be ZYNspired! 

Life was anything but ordinary before ZYN22 came into my life. I had spent the last three years traveling the world and living out my professional figure skating dreams (yes, Disney on Ice- ask me, I’ll tell ya alllll about it). I moved home to Fort Worth in March of 2013 because my dad was having some health problems, and all the pieces just seemed to line up for me to make my exit from the professional skating stage. I coached figure skating most of the next year, bounced around different gyms trying to stay in shape, and kind of fell into a monotonous routine. Fast forward to a year later, I got a call from a high school bestie asking if I wanted to try “some fitness thing on a bike” and I said yes. Enter: ZYN22. I was HOOKED from the first ride. The class gave me everything I needed in a workout and everything I was desperately missing from my days on the ice show- choreography, amazing music, that community feeling, and on top of all of that, I was good at it!

Since I started teaching at ZYN, I’ve experienced changes in every way possible. I feel the physical changes, like a lot of people. Since the day I started teaching, my body has changed and strengthened into something I am immensely proud of. No, I’m not at my skinniest. No, you can’t see an eight pack on my stomach. But I feel STRONG, capable, and fit- all things that are so much more important than weight. Mentally, I’ve been able to discover myself in the Dome. Teaching has given me something I never knew I needed in my life- the ability to help people find their own strength in this unique way.

To me, community means acceptance. The people that see you at your worst and your best, that accept you at all stages of your life, in every way. Community is having each other’s back in the Dome, though you may not even know the person sitting next to (you’ll learn it, promise). I believe community is one of those things that is necessary in life. We all need people around us who lift us up, who challenge us to be our best, to push us forward through the moments we don’t want to move through.

I have met some of the best people through ZYN22. Whether they’re other instructors, riders, or Z SQUAD- ZYN22 has brought some amazing people into my life. I try my best to create a community in my class. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the room, if it’s your first class or 500th- you matter in the Dome. That feeling that you are included and needed in the room is what draws people together. One of my favorite things is walking into the Dome before class starts and hearing everyone talking to each other. People that may not have been friends outside of ZYN, that don’t come from the same walks of life- all connecting over this sweaty bike ride. It gives me all the feels.

Real talk- I’ve had some lows this year. I lost my dad in February, and it turned my world upside down. I’ve been hesitant to talk about it, for fear of people thinking I want their pity. But I feel like this is the time for it. The way the ZYN community was there for me is hard to put into words. Not just fellow instructors, not just riders I knew on a personal level, but every person I talked to. The love I felt in and out of the studio, the way people showed me they cared, the surprising way that people related to something similar and shared their hardships- it lifted me up more than I can explain.

It makes me smile when riders come up and tell us how we impacted them, how we were the best part of their day, how we helped them- you may not realize it, but YOU give us all of those things as instructors, too! You make our day every day when you show up to let us lead you, to be that force of inspiration in your workout. Being allowed to guide someone into the best version of themselves is the best thing I could ever ask for in a job.

ZYN is a place where we ride with each other, through the best moments and the hardest, where we can share our strength with the room and use that strength when we need it.

Who’s in your Ride TRYBE? Saddle up for a class with Kathryn this week to feel empowered.