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Let’s Do A Little More This Year

Congratulations! You made it to January 17th, aka, Resolution Ditch Day. You might not have known Ditch Day was a thing, so take a sigh of relief because it is. FINALLY, you can stop pretending carbs aren’t the key to happiness and kale shots actually taste good. You never have to hear the word “resolution” until January 1, 2019— well, after you finish this blog.

So, Happy Ditch Day! 

By now almost 80% of people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions, or they’ve just said screw resolutions altogether this year. But you’re not destined for that kind of failure. You show up, you put in the work, because you’re not here to do less in 2018 and frankly, you know resolutions are the worst. That’s right, we said it.

1) Resolutions are all NEGATIVE

I want to eat healthy to lose weight; I’m terrible at relationships so I want to focus on my love life; My life is chaotic so I want to be more organized…

Resolutions focus on “fixing” what’s wrong with us, rather than being positive and motivating goals. Striving to better your life is a GREAT thing, but set these goals because you love yourself, not because you hate something about yourself.

2) Resolutions demand PERFECTION

We say we are only going to eat clean, which is great. But some days we just need to have some pizza. So naturally, we cave, feel guilty, keep caving, and then abort the entire resolution all together. Setting goals that stick need to allow room for slip ups.

3) Resolutions are so UNREALISTIC

Having goals to live a happier and healthier life is a great thing—but so often when we over commit ourselves. If last month your life was waayyyyy too busy to meal prep 24/7, odds are this year will be no different. Achieving goals will be far more attainable if you start small and really stick to it. Do something small every day to eat healthy, rather than commit to a lifestyle you don’t have time for and then drop it after a few weeks.

So, instead of face planting into 2018 with the goal of trying to acheive one life-altering, game-changing, finally-get-my-ish-together accomplishment, we swerved “resolution season” altogether and have been patiently waiting for this glorious Ditch Day. We want your 2018 to be a fantastic success story where you live a healthy and happy lifestyle, so do yourself and everyone around you a favor and ditch the resolution already!

Want to be healthy? Do one healthy thing every day. And if next Wednesday you over sleep, hit traffic, have to work late, and somehow find yourself in the What-a-burger drive thru line, that’s okay, just keep going! We’re not here to do less in 2018, and neither should you. So let’s ditch the resolution and do a little more, every day, together.