Instructor - Mel

Meet Mel: A Mantra Story

“Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.”

I think of these words every day. This will be my twenty-fifth year being a drill team director at Southlake Carroll High School and being kind is so important to how I relate to all my girls. It’s important that they show dedication and work hard, but what I require more than anything else is that they show kindness to one another. “Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others” applies to my ZYN riders as well. I strive to make everyone feel welcome, encouraged, and to know that when they ride, they are riding as a team and a community. Throughout my years of coaching, I have learned to challenge people physically while encouraging them mentally. I try to do this with my riders as I remind them to encourage each other and be kind to themselves. There has to be a balance of accepting yourself as well as pushing to be better.

No matter what age we are, we all want and need to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of accomplishment. I remind my riders constantly that nobody has to be perfect in the Dome. Forget about your insecurities and shortcomings and just enjoy the ride. When you become stronger physically, you become stronger mentally too. One of my favorite quotes that I often relay in class is by Joel Osteen and it’s “Joy is an emotion, and yet it creates something physical. It creates strength.” As we work together in class, I encourage my riders to feel a sense of joy and peace even during the challenge.

Ready to #TreatYoself with kindness in the Dome? Saddle up with Mel this week!