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What You Need To Know About #BREAKTHROUGH22

Heard the buzz? This month we’re setting our ZYNtention to ride 22 times in 31 days. We’re turning UP the resistance & tuning out the voices that say we can’t do it. Want to join The RevoluZYN? Here’s everything you need to know about the #BREAKTHROUGH22 Challenge & how to get started! 


#BREAKTHROUGH22 challenges ZYNers to saddle up 22 TIMES in 31 DAYS. It’s a challenge to dig deep, ride hard & break through your comfort zones (they’re more like guidelines, anyway). Join The RevoluZYN, discover your strength.

How do I sign up? 

There will be a sign up sheet at the studio. Just ask the Z Squad!

How will my progress be tracked? 

You do the riding, we’ll do the tracking. Once you sign up, we can track your attendance in our database. We’ll even check in with you on November 18th to make sure you’re still riding strong! You’re welcome.

When does the challenge start? 

#BREAKTHROUGH22 starts the morning of November 1st and ends December 1st after the 7:30 PM ride on December 1st for all you procrastZYNators. 😉

What about the week of Thanksgiving? 

We will have a modified schedule during the week of Thanksgiving with plenty of chances to catch some sweat. Out of town? Double-up before you go!

Can I ride at both studios? 

Go for it! We’re all ZYN this together.

Do double rides count? 

ABSOLUTELY. So do triples. You ready, ZYNer?

What’s ZYN it for me? 

We’re glad you asked. If you complete the challenge of riding 22 TIMES in 31 DAYS, you’ll get your choice of a limited edition hoodie OR tote bag so you can strut what you worked for!

Can I get a hoodie or a bag if I ride 22 times in 31 days but don’t sign up? 

Afraid of commitment? We get it. But unfortunately, the answer is no. You’ve got to make this thing official to get the perks! Sign up in the studio to get started, ZYNer.