Spin Instructor Nicoletta Jumping

Why Nicoletta Encourages Community In The Dome

After ditching her boring desk job, Nicoletta set out to become a ZYNstructor and never looked back. Along the way she discovered a community who would challenge and encourage her to reach her full potential in and out of the Dome, and now she’s doing the same for YOU! Here’s her TRYBE story. 

Right after I graduated from TCU (Go Frogs) I took a job in IT sales. It only took me about three months in that job to realize I will never take a desk job again! I quit almost immediately after I realized this, and started working at Lululemon. I didn’t know what I wanted to do; all I knew was I wanted to be promoting a healthy and fit ideal. Thanks to my Lululemon co-workers, I tried ZYN22 for the first time and LOVED IT! I will admit, that first ride was HARD! I take pride in my athletic ability after growing up playing so many sports, but I could barely catch the beat! If you told I would one day be an instructor, I would never have believed you.

After being so frustrated with not being able to catch the beat after my first ride, I made it my goal to keep coming back- I wanted to get good at it, so I signed up for the BREAKTHROUGH22 challenge in November of 2015. After that I was sold. I loved how ZYN not only gave me a killer workout, but changed the way I thought about working out. I remember when I first started I was in a really hard season. Going to ZYN22 helped me rewire my thoughts, body, and mind.

Community has CHANGED MY LIFE! I am so blessed to have the raddest community in all areas of my life. I am super involved in my church and the community there, as well as having such incredible people at ZYN, I feel like I am constantly being encouraged. Ya’ll if you don’t have community, I encourage you to FIND IT! Find people that are going to push you to be the best version of yourself. Find people who don’t doubt you, but support you. Find people that LOVE you unconditionally without asking for anything in return. A lot of riders I have talked to say they started taking classes at ZYN22 because they were new to town and wanted to meet new friends. AND THEY DID!  Y’all- book that bike, keep coming back, and you will find some incredible people sitting next to you! People to push you inside the Dome, and in life outside of it. 

ZYN22 community has made an incredible difference in my life. I love how my “riders” aren’t just “riders,” they are friends. I grab coffee with multiple riders a week and love hearing their stories. My goal at ZYN22 is to be more than just a fitness instructor on the podium. I want to know rider’s names, their stories, their backgrounds, etc. Every time I introduce myself to my class, I remind them that my class is more than a workout. It is an opportunity to be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to change the way they look, feel, and think. I hope that my classes make a difference in people’s lives. If riders could take anything away from my class (besides a sweat sesh) it is that they are more than a body. They are INCREDIBLE, LOVED, BEAUTIFUL, SUCCESSFUL, the BOMB, KIND, IMPORTANT, the list goes on…

This community, this TRYBE, has impacted my life in so many ways. My favorite example is the 5:30am Crew in Southlake. I LOVE teaching that class. I know every rider by name. It isn’t a class, it is a family. We show up, sweat it out, high five each other and then go into our days better because we woke up to our alarms. To watch that class grow from five people to 45 people has been such a blessing. My favorite thing is when they are out of town I always receive an email from them letting me know they won’t be there. Like WHAT?! That class specifically pushes me to be a better person and instructor!

Whether you love to workout or hate to workout, can catch the beat or not, I challenge you to just SHOW UP. The first step to being great is getting over the fear of the lie in your head that tells you that “you can’t” or that “you aren’t good enough.” At ZYN22 the community of people that you meet and ride alongside will tell you that you can. Heck, I will tell you for 45 minutes STRAIGHT that you GOT THIS and can crush whatever you set your mind too. Leave your excuses at the door, saddle up, and get ready to meet some of the greatest people in the DFW area and experience the ride of YO LIFE!

Want to find YOUR ride TRYBE? Saddle up with Nicoletta this week!