No Skinny Margs, I ZYN.

Summer Drinks

Spring Break is FINALLY here (PRAISE) and whether you’ll be enjoying the ocean breeze with your best friends in Cabo, hitting the slopes in Vail, or stuck in the office because your college days are a thing of the past, we all could use a drink! A little party never killed nobody (#BALANCE), so we’re here to show you how to make one of our favorite guilt-free skinny drinks. What do you call a margarita that only has 3 ingredients, is all-natural, and doesn’t leave you with a killer hangover? The perfect Spring Break Margarita! You’re welcome…

Here’s how to make it:


2 limes

2 shots water (If you want a little bubbly, add lime flavored La Croix)

1 to 2 shots of your favorite tequila (we used 2 😉

1/2 shot agave nectar, or to taste



1. Start by squeezing the limes into your glass. You can use your hands, but this handy device helps you get the most juice out of each lime.

2. Add the water, tequila, agave, and stir. This is the perfect time to play around with the ingredients until it tastes just how you like it.

3. Add a ton of ice and stir the drink. (Or shake it if you want to channel your inner bartender!)

4. Garnish your drink with a few limes and enjoy a delicious, guilt-free margarita!

We’d love to see if you give this homemade margarita a try so tag us in your pics at @ZYN22_. If you’re looking for more skinny cocktail recipes head on over to our Pinterest for more ideas!

*Recipe adapted from Averie Cooks*