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It's true...Zyn22 and REFUL are now in a pretty serious relationship! 😆

All joking aside, there is so much to be excited for and so much to learn about their awesome juices! To help, we've put together a nice FAQ for our ZYNfam! 

Don't forget, grab a juice (or a few of them) post your HIIT or spin class. You will be glad you did!!!


Why are your bottles labels PBG (Plant Based Goodness)?

PBG is a sub company of REFŪL.  We're planning to update the label to help reflect that. 

What are the main benefits of drinking cold pressed juice?

Some of the main benefits include better digestion, increase in energy, reduced inflammation, natural detox

What type of juice method/juicer do we use?

We use a commercial hydraulic press.  Whole, raw vegetables are put into a grinder where they are chopped into a fine pulp. The pulp is then put into a hydraulic press where extreme pressure extracts the juice from the fresh pulp.

Why do we use this juicing method?

It allows the nutrients of the produce to retain their integrity and enables your body to absorb the nutrients in their purest form. One bottle holds a very concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals equivalent to 4-5 pounds of raw fresh produce.

Normally, raw solid foods can take hours to digest, whereas our cold-pressed juices are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and result in instant nourishment.

Where do you make the juices?

All juices are made in our commissary kitchen at Greenville Ave. 

Are the juices organic?

The juices are NOT 100% organic, we use a selection of conventional and organic ingredients

Are your juices different than the juices at the grocery store?

Absolutely, most store bought juices contain juice from concentrate and/or additives & preservatives to extend its shelf life.  Store bought juices are usually pasteurized to extend the life of the juices, but this kills the quality, nutrients and enzymes.

What type of juice bottles do we use?

PET - polyethylene terephthalate. A high gloss crack resistant plastic classified as No. 1 Plastic. 

How long are the juices fresh for?

Since all of our cold pressed juices are 100% natural and unpasteurized, juices need to be refrigerated and consumed within 7 days to ensure the best taste and quality.  While drinking the juices fresh before the enjoy through date is recommended, freezing your juice can extend its shelf life (completely defrost to avoid a watered down taste).

Do the juices go “bad”?

Natural sugars in the juices can sometimes cause the juices to ferment and alter the original taste. We don’t recommend drinking the juices past the expiration date (which will be Thursdays).

My juice looks different than before, is that normal?

Yes, juices are made by hand from raw, all natural ingredients and therefore settling or separation is common.   Lightly shake the bottle before consuming.

Color varies in fruits and vegetables depending on their ripeness each season affecting the amount of sugar in the juice which can also affect the taste

Are the juices pasteurized? 

No, they are unpasteurized and this disclaimer is on each bottle.