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HIIT: You Need It, Here’s Why.

H.I.I.T. You’ve probably heard this gym slang thrown around A LOT, especially with our new program, THE22. But what does it even mean? High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fancy term for reaching your maximum heart rate for a short amount of time. If you wanna hit max fitness…

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Beginners Guide to Your First Ride

Wondering whether spin class is worth all the hype? Looking for new ways to get that dreaded cardio in? Just want to try something new and fun? No matter why you’re at ZYN22, we’ve got you covered! Sitting in the dark on a stationary bike for 45-minutes sounds intimidating, we…

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How Taylor Found Her TRYBE In The Dome

What started out as simply Sweat Therapy has turned into so much more for Taylor, a Fort Worth rider who found her ride-or-die TRYBE in the Dome. Read how the ZYN22 community has shaped her experience – both in and out of the studio – since she moved back to Texas and saddled up for the first…

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How Jennifer Went From Lone Ranger to LOVING Her TRYBE Time In The Dome

Before saddling up at ZYN22, Jennifer loved the thrill of a long, solitary run or a BeachBody burn from the comfort of her living room. But since her first ride, Jen has realized that everything worth having lies just outside our comfort zone! Here’s how Jennifer went from a lone fitness ranger…

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Introducing: ZYN SCULPT! Here’s What You Need To Know…

Heard the buzz? We’re busting out a NEW + IMPROVED workout at ZYN22UPTN so you can be free to move and find your groove OFF the bike. YUP. Now you can tone it up after you tap it back with ZYN SCULPT, a high-energy, full-body workout that tones and tightens each major muscle group while…

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How Kathryn Found Her Good Vibe TRYBE In The Dome

When life took Kathryn for a spin, she rode through it with strength and power on the podium. Here’s how she pushed forward with the support of her TRYBE. Read her story below to be ZYNspired!  Life was anything but ordinary before ZYN22 came into my life. I had spent the last three years traveling the world…

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How Erin Found Her TRYBE & Tapped Into Strength

After taking a leap and making a HUGE life-change, Erin took ZYN22 for a spin and found freedom, strength, community and so much more in the Dome. Here’s how she went from a 3rd-row rider to rcoking the podium bike with crazy confidence thanks to the support of her TRYBE.  My ZYN22 journey began at the exact…

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22 Questions With Christine

Meet our newest bike boss babe, Christine. She may run a tight ship in the Dome, but this girl isn’t afraid to cut loose. She’s all about working hard so you can play harder – no excuses, no limits! Here’s 22 Questions With Christine. Describe your teaching style Work hard, play hard! What’s…

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22 Questions With Mackenzie

Heard the buzz? We’ve got some brand new instructors on the books this month, and we have the inside scoop on what makes these rockstars tick. Next up, we’re shining the spotlight on Mackenzie! She’s a self-proclaimed sports fanatic who gives us major “girl next door” vibes, but most importantly she’s here…

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