Girl Ready to Workout

A Nutritionist Explains Why You Need Vitamin D In Summer

Ahh summer. Hopefully you’ve got your toes in the water, your butt in the sand and you’re basking in those summer rays as you read this.  But, does soaking up the summer sun cover your daily dose of vitamin D? Our nutritionist, Dabney Poorter, is weighing in on why you…

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Father Daughter Duo Working Out

This Father/Daughter Duo Has Crushed 150 Classes Together!

The fam that slays together stays together! Father daughter duo Tiffany and Wes have tapped it back over 100 times together in the Dome, and now they’re taking it to The Turf with THE22 in Fort Worth! It’s safe to say ZYN22 has helped take their relationship to a whole…

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Man Punching Punching Bag

THE22: The Heart Behind The Workout

Last month we dropped a big bomb on our Fort Worth studio when we introduced THE22 HIIT workout. Our goal: to turn the DFW fitness community on it’s head. The studio got revamped, we brought in new instructors, we methodically designed a workout that scientifically optimized your ability to burn…

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You v.s You Playlist Graphic

YOU vs. YOU Playlist

YOUvs.YOU. On the surface, it’s our Spring Challenge where YOU decide if you’re going to conquer 11 or 22 rides. But it is so much more than that. It’s about finding your limit and going a little further, about getting out of your comfort zone and trying something a little…

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Workout Instructor Teaching Graphic

THE22: The Mind Behind The Workout

You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve seen the videos, you might have even tried the workout. But do you really know what THE22 is all about? Get an inside peek into the mastermind behind the class, Amber Dobecka. Not only is Amber a bad a$$ instructor, she is THE22 Program Director…

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Men using Battle Ropes

Introducing: THE22

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve seen the construction. And now it’s finally here; Dallas, welcome to THE22. We tested the toughest methods in the industry and scoured the top markets in the nation like NY and LA, and then we brought it back to our turf and gave it our own little twist. Yep, THE22 is…

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Good Vybes Playlist Graphic


After a week full of grey days, we can’t think of a better way to kick off our Monday than with a little musical pick-me-up! Turn on our new GOOD VYBES playlist for an instant mood boost. Coloring Outside The Lines—MisterWives Rich Love (with Seeb)—OneRepublic Belong—Cash, Cash Electric Love—BØRNS Unusual—RAC, MNDR One Foot—WALK…

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Kristen M Graphic

Here’s To Confidence

When Kirsten first took ZYN22 for a spin, she had no idea what awaited her. Now, nearly one year into her journey and with over 100 rides down, she’s found that ZYN22 is so much #MoreThanASweat – it’s community, it’s confidence, it’s courage in the face of trials. Here’s her story.  My life has always had…

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Friday Refresh Playlist

Friday Refresh Playlist

Ever wish you could just hit refresh on your life? Same. So, we’re coming at you with a little “Friday Refresh” playlist on Spotify on the weekly. Check back every Friday for fresh musical finds from your ZYN team to get your freakin’ weekend started off right! So without further ado, check out the Friday…

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