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THE22: The Heart Behind The Workout

Last month we dropped a big bomb on our Fort Worth studio when we introduced THE22 HIIT workout. Our goal: to turn the DFW fitness community on it’s head. The studio got revamped, we brought in new instructors, we methodically designed a workout that scientifically optimized your ability to burn fat and gain strength… and while all this sounds amazing, some of you have been asking us why? Why not stick to what we know best? Well, we’re here to give you the answer from the source himself. Our founder and CEO, Mark Page, is giving us all the deets on why he’s so passionate about THE22 and what it can do to change your life.


Why did you add THE22 workout?

M: I wanted to bring the tens of thousands of riders in our studios another way to work out, one that is different but still exciting and will be just as disruptive as the Cycle workout has been. One that will make them happy and excited to come to our studios even more each week. It’s a new way to experience ZYN22, a way that I believe people will love as much as the Dome.


What makes THE22 different to other workouts?

M: The workout is short but effective, making the most of 35 minutes and giving our ZYNers something they haven’t experienced anywhere else. I would characterize it as cardio with weights, using cutting-edge equipment and apparatuses, making our customers feel like athletes with dynamic moves that will make their hearts race while they build and tone their bodies in a way they haven’t seen before. The format will be the same, but each day’s workout routine will be different.


What do you think people will get out of THE22?

M: The fittest body and mind they have ever lived in… They’ll leave tired but invigorated, sore but stronger over a short period of time, exhausted but anxious to do it again.


What was your inspiration for THE22?

M: I saw similar workouts gong viral in studios in LA and New York, and just as we did with our spin concept, we drew on what the best were doing and made our own program called THE22. We studied and visited the best and coolest HIIT studios in LA, New York, and across the country, and then with our own extensive background in fitness, we came up with a program that we felt would be the most fun and effective for our clientele.


How do you think THE22 will affect the DFW workout scene?

M: I think it will be disruptive, just as the cycle workout in the Dome was when it landed in Fort Worth 3 years ago. No one has launched a workout like THE22 in DFW and it’s about time someone did.


Still on the fence? Try a FREE workout to see for yourself what the hype is all about.