Father Daughter Duo Working Out

This Father/Daughter Duo Has Crushed 150 Classes Together!

The fam that slays together stays together! Father daughter duo Tiffany and Wes have tapped it back over 100 times together in the Dome, and now they’re taking it to The Turf with THE22 in Fort Worth! It’s safe to say ZYN22 has helped take their relationship to a whole new level. Read their story below for some major #famgoal feels.


So how did you hear about ZYN22? How long have you been sweating it out with us & what keeps you coming back? 

T: I heard about ZYN22 from a close friend around a year ago and sporadically came to class with different people. I wasn’t very committed to cycling until I brought my dad with me in October of 2017. That’s when the game changed… We both fell more and more in love with the atmosphere at ZYN22. The intensity of the classes and the friendships I have made with staff and fellow riders keep me coming back!

W: Tiffany introduced me to ZYN22. I expressed an interest in going when she started because we had been working out together for a while, and I wanted to introduce more cardio into my workouts. She originally said it was mainly for girls, but after a while, she noticed more men in the classes and decided to bring me along. I have been going now for 7 months and have approximately 150 rides. The rush, strength, and sense of accomplishment I feel in the classes have me totally addicted to ZYN and it is now a weekly part of my workout regimen.

How many times a week do you workout at ZYN22?

T & W: Our average is 6 times per week, typically 5 cycling classes and 1 HIIT class at THE22. We also occasionally throw in a double.

Can you tell us a little about your first experience in the Dome? Was it what you expected?

T: The first class I took I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved it! I was immediately motivated to work hard because ZYN22 was nothing like an ordinary spin class. I loved how everyone worked as one whole group, and I was instantly drawn to the positive, encouraging, and like-minded community ZYN22 has. Even though I struggled at first, I felt like everyone was cheering me on and rooting for me to get better! ZYN22 exceeded my expectations by a landslide during my first class!

W: My first class was eye opening. I had taken a lot of spin classes at the big box gyms in the area and went in thinking it would be the same (read: easy). After the first song, I knew I was in trouble. I couldn’t stay on the right foot and, when everyone else was doing the moves on the bike, I seemed to be doing the exact opposite moves. I walked out of that class totally exhausted, with jello legs like I hadn’t felt from a spin class before, but I loved it. I really struggled, not only in that first class, but probably the whole first month. But I loved the feeling I got from the classes, started making friends in the Dome, and eventually caught on to the style of riding. I can’t imagine going to spin and not riding to the beat of the music as one group, helping each other push through the struggles along the way now.

What’s your background in sports and fitness?

T: Throughout high school I participated in competitive cheerleading and ran track, but I have been hooked on running and lifting weights since I was 11!

W:  I played football and basketball in high school, and love playing golf. I had gained about 35 pounds as I had gotten older, and in 2004 started working out as part of a whole lifestyle adjustment. Fitness has become a passion now, especially since it is something I am able to do with my daughter.

Have you always been workout buddies? When did you start working out together? 

T & W: We started working out together when Tiffany turned 11 years old (she now is almost 18) as that is when the gym would allow her to lift weights!  Early on, we focused on sports specific workouts for her cheerleading and track, and as she got older, we transitioned into more typical workout splits. We added in ZYN22 as part of our weekly regimen in October 2017.

Do you like to sweat solo every now and then, or do you mainly work out as a duo? 

T: 99% of the time my dad and I are working out together. Working out with my dad is so much more enjoyable than working out alone! I like having an accountability partner and someone I can share a hobby with!

W:  Most of my workouts are with Tiffany. She helps me stay focused and on track each week, and has been a great accountability partner. Out of the approx. 150 rides so far, I have only ridden 3 alone.

Tiffany, what’s the best part about having your pops as a workout buddy? 

T: Dad has been such a great workout partner. I think the best part about working out with him is that he is extremely driven and competitive in everything he does, which makes me work SO hard! Whenever I have to workout alone, I never push myself like I do when I workout with him. We always come into ZYN or the gym ready to work!! His positive attitude and commitment to fitness has rubbed off on me for the better and created me into the best version of myself. Shout out to having the best dad in the world!!

Wes, what’s one “Proud Dad” moment you have of Tiffany? 

W:  I have 2 actually. The first one was on Tiffany’s 100th ride. Tedrick surprised her by bringing her up on the podium for her first time, and she rode her 100th up there with him. It was a very special moment. She recently got to ride on the podium with West due to a shortage of bikes and an overbooked class. To watch those two stay in sync so well together in a very tough class was just awesome to see (and ride). It was one of the best classes I have ever taken to date, and the Dome was filled with excitement throughout the whole class. I was extremely proud of her!

What do you like most about having each other as workout partners?

T: Having my dad as a workout partner makes working out WAY more fun!! We always switch up our workouts and never repeat exercises week after week. He is always super positive and helpful, too. Dad is like an encyclopedia of different exercises!! He knows how to make a workout enjoyable, yet effective!

W:  The accountability has been very important to me. But to set new goals and watch as each other pushes to achieve them, all while encouraging each other along the way has been super cool. There is just something about being in the struggle with someone and helping them push through those barriers that builds a bond like no other.

You two are definitely committed to ZYN22. How do you motivate each other?

T: It is not that hard to convince my dad to go workout because we both love it so much and consider it a priority, but I can for sure say my dad motivates me a lot during class. We ride next to each other, and I can always tell he is working his hardest (it usually looks like he just took a dive in the pool because he sweats so much). Seeing him push himself encourages me to work harder!

W:  Tiffany sits down every Sunday at 6 p.m. when the new ZYN schedule hits and maps out our week at ZYN22 and the gym. We put it on our calendars that night and have been really consistent with sticking to it.

We know y’all sweat it out in THE22 and saddle up in the Dome. Do you do any other workouts outside of ZYN? What do you love about cross training? 

T & W: We have done strength training together for seven years, three to four times a week. We love cross training mainly for the intensity and added benefit of toning muscle and burning fat combined. But nothing beats the feeling you get after a double of a spin class and a HIIT at THE22. 

We have some pretty amazing ZYNstructors here. Do you each have a fav?  

W & T:  It would be impossible to pick just one – ZYN has awesome instructors! But out of our 150 rides, about 100 of them have been with Tedrick in SLK. We love West on Friday morning, and Ellee’s Saturday ZYNdurance is something we look forward to every week. We go to Ft Worth on Wednesdays and spin with Ellee at 4:30, and go straight to the Jennifer or Athena HIIT class. That is a killer workout. We really enjoy spinning with Erin in FTW as well!

The fam that slays together stays together! What is the biggest impact sweating it out at ZYN22 together has had on your relationship?

W:  There is something about persevering through serious challenges with someone and working through it together that builds a bond that is unexplainable unless you lived through it with that person. We have been able to push each other and see each other achieve awesome goals along the way. There have been so many times when one of us wasn’t in the mood, was too sore or tired, or just made up an excuse. Without fail, we push each other to get up, get moving, and go. Having that accountability and consistent workout buddy has been the biggest blessing of my life and something I don’t take for granted.

T: Having my dad as a workout partner has grown our relationship as friends for almost seven years! Because we workout so much, we spend a lot of time together and have gotten really close. In between reps or during car rides to ZYN22 we catch up on our days and just talk, which I love!!! He introduced me to the world of fitness, and that has grown into something I love and cannot live a day without. Lifting weights at 11 years old has transitioned into a lifestyle I practice everyday, and I thank my dad for being my support system throughout the years. My relationship with my dad is something I cherish because we share similar goals and help each other reach them daily. He is definitely my fitness role model!!