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What’s Your Mantra? MEET YOURS




1. A word or phrase that is repeated often and expresses one’s basic beliefs.

A wise man once said “What you think, you become,” and we see this proven every day in the Dome. The mind is a muscle, and a powerful one at that— the more you stretch it, the stronger it gets! We rise and we grind, we push past our limits and think ourselves stronger with every pedal stroke, every tap-back-press and every turn on the wheel. We spend 45 minutes a day soaking up all the ZYNspiration, but how often do we really meditate on those nuggets of wisdom when we walk outside that Dome door?

This summer we’re practicing what we preach and putting mind over matter both on AND off the bike. We believe the first step to #LifeChange is digging deep and getting honest with yourself— because no one else can do it for you. Ready to take your journey to a stronger, better you? It starts here. Grab a bike and get after it!

Your moves, your moment, your mantra.

Meet Yours.

Got a mantra that guides your life? Share it with us on Instagram this summer using the hashtag #MeetYours