Our popular streaming service has been completely rebooted! We are excited to launch the new ZynStream platform for all of our customers. This new platform will bring you on-demand recorded and LIVE classes to your home TV’s and mobile devices…anytime!!!


  • Who can take advantage of ZynStream?  Absolutely Anyone! A ZynStream account will be needed to access. Please select the link above to gain access. 
  • How much is ZynStream?  It’s $49.99/month auto-pay subscription for access to over 60 videos including cycle, HIIT, & bonus content with new content added every Friday. If you rent a Zyn22 bike, you membership is only $10/month!  
  • Can I try out one video at a time? Yes! You can rent a video for $12 for 3 day access.
  • How do I rent a Zyn22 bike?  Call (817)778-4133 or email west7th@zyn22.com
  • Do you need a Zyn22 bike?  No, you can use any stationary bike. Not all bikes are the same, so please be careful executing the choreography. 
  • I want to try THE22, but I don’t have equipment at home. Do I need to purchase weights?  Absolutely not! Our Zynstructors will modify all exercises for full execution.
  • Many streaming services have poor audio or poor music quality. Will ZynStream have these challenges?  We’ve modified ZynStream to accommodate these factors. Our viewers will be able to hear the instructor and their beats!